Vet References

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    All Cats Veterinarian Clinic

    Our main veterinarian is Cynthia Rigoni, DVM. She knows all of our cats inside and out and will answer any questions you may have about our cattery.

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    Bay Area Specialists

    Our prestiged cardiologist is Kyle Brayley, DVM, who graduated top of his class at Texas A&M's veterinarian school. Their staff are HUGE fans of our Bengals, Savannahs and will be happy to share their opinions about our cats that have been HCM tested at their clinic since 2013.

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    Brittmoore Animal Hospital

    Matt Dikeman, DVM and Mary Tatum, DVM are our primary veterinarians at this clinic where their staff are very fond of all of our cats.

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    Heart of Texas Vets

    Our secondary cardiologist for HCM clinics and reference for our breeder cats.

About Us

We are a small, in-house cattery located in the Houston area of the great state of Texas. Our kittens are born, raised and personally supervised by our immediate family. Each kitten is routinely handled and socialized. All of our kittens are placed with an 8-year health guarantee, which also covers genetic issues that may arise, spay/neuter, and health check by our vet. We will not release a kitten unless approved by our vet!

Our breeding cats are HCM screened every two years by a board certified cardiologist. We also utilize UC Davis's Lab and Optimal Selection Program for color testing, PK-deficiency, and PRA-b on our breeding adults. All testing results, pedigrees, and vet records are available upon request.

The foundation of our program are proud members of some of the best and well respected breeding programs in the world. All of our breeder partners also HCM screen, perform genetic testing, and share the same goals to breed for health and temperament. Our program strives for the "wild" versus domestic tabby look of the Bengal breed and mainly adheres to the TICA Breed Standard, which is the oldest and most respected standard throughout the world. Please study TICA's Bengal and Savannah breed standards to fully understand the type of the Bengal and Savannah breeds.

In addition to breeding Bengals and Savannahs, we also foster ferals that cross our paths near our home. We've had much success in the local trap-n-release program and have even shown our ferals in the Household Pet class in TICA and CFA!!

Closed Cattery

We are a closed cattery, meaning we do not allow outside visiors or cats into our home. This is to protect our property and cats. Completion of our Adoption Survey is required prior to your appointment. The amount of time and financial investment that have been poured into our program are considered very special and part of our success. We hope you appreciate the beauty, health, and temperament of our kittens!

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