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Welcome! Why Choose Us?

We are a small, in-house cattery located in Houston, Texas that produces top of the line Bengal cats. Our goal is to produce offspring that strongly resemble their wild ancestry while maintaining a sweet and domestic demeanor. All of our kittens come with a health guarantee.

The International Cat AssociationSouth Central Region

Cat registry consisting over 55 breeds of cats and the largetst fancy that includes household pets.


Savannah Cat ChatSavannah Cat Forum

Superb community of the best Savannah breeders, owners and fans of the breed.

Savannah Cat Chat

Bengal TalkLet's Talk Bengals!

Excellent source for information about the Bengal breed.

Bengal Talk

Houston PetTalkHouston's Pet Magazine

Keep updated with Houston's local pet news and events.


Veterinary Schools

Veterinary School

UC Davis

The largest veterinarian school in the United States that also provides an extensive array of genetic, diagnostic and clinical testing.

UC Davis
Veterinary School

Texas A&M University

One of the top veterinary schools in the United States. Offers a biomedical science undergraduate curriculum that often leads into the veterinary program. Provides research, genetic and diagnositic services.

Texas A&M
Veterinary School

Cornell University

Pioneer school in the veterinary sciences with innovative programs in laboratory, diagnostic and biomedical research.

Cornell University